Beyond Safety Report #1

11/12/13  –  by: Mike Goodpaster

Hello from the Beyond Safety and Reliability Conference & Expo!
We are a mere thirteen weeks away from the biggest and best safety and reliability conference in the Midwest. Our track record is proven. Each of the three prior expos has been more successful than the last and this year’s fourth annual Beyond Safety and Reliability Conference & Expo will continue this trend.

In this new addition to, we will periodically update YOU, the fellow safety advocate, on all the happenings and occurrences of the fourth annual Beyond Safety and Reliability Conference & Expo.

We are honored to have such a great line-up of sponsors and exhibitors so far for this year’s conference. A full listing can be found at! Don’t see your name or want to upgrade your package?  Email:

In the first installment of the Beyond Safety Interview Series, Andrea Pearman Executive Director of NWIBRT sat down with Ames Martin of TAG for a great interview covering the event, safety, and speaker Jim Bain.

Today, we share the second video interview which features Andrea Pearman speaking with BP Safety Specialist Rick Foor about the fourth annual Beyond Safety and Reliability Conference & Expo, the process of selecting exhibitors, why BP is bringing their Contractor Awards to the conference, and the importance of safety on the work site.

Next week, Andrea speaks with Anna Tristan, Safety Manager of Sargent Safety Services! Stay tuned!”

The overall support we’ve gotten from the industry’s top tier leaders has been outstanding. This past week we saw press releases announcing:

For all coverage we’ve been received, please check out:

Thank you for reading the first edition of “The Beyond Safety Report”! In the upcoming week’s we’ll be sharing more sponsors and exhibitors, revealing our presenter list for 2014, and making some big announcements. So sit back, stay safe, and we’ll see YOU at the fourth annual Beyond Safety and Reliability Conference & Expo.

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Thanks for reading!
-Mike Goodpaster